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Tree Care Services

If you need a tree assessment, tree care services, or complete tree and stump removal – our qualified team are ready to help!

We offer a full range of tree services performed skillfully and efficiently to minimise disruption and maximise safety, including:

  • Arborists Reports
  • Tree Pruning
  • Cobra Tree bracing systems
  • Powerline Clearance – Endorsed as an authorised Service Provider for TasNetworks
  • Stump Removal
  • Council Laws & Regulations

Arborists Reports

We can offer extensive reports through an independent arborist, so you can have piece of mind that you are looking after your assets for years to come.

Tree Pruning

Effective tree pruning reduces the height and weight of trees, this stimulates healthy new growth and removes dead branches, pruning can also help to remove branches overhanging your roof or driveway and keep trees healthy.

Cobra Tree Bracing

Tree Bracing provides a way of reducing the risk of failure and gives structural support for trees at risk of splitting or collapsing. Bracing a weak stem allows the tree to distribute the weight of the canopy in a way which is less likely to cause tree stress or to have structural failure – especially in times of severe weather. We are the only trained and approved company in Tasmania for installation of the Cobra Tree Bracing system.

Powerline Clearance

Concept Tree Services is an approved contractor with Tas Networks for pruning and removal works around low voltage main lines and private service supply lines, never use a contractor that is not on the approved contractors list as this could result in injury or death. Our crews are trained in all aspects of vegetation pruning around power lines. Never let a contractor cut near or above HV, this is an illegal practice, works around high Voltage are only to be done by Tas Networks employees only.

Stump Removal

Our stump removal service gets rid of unsightly stumps along with the root structure. With our Vermeer SC352 commercial Stump Grinder we can remove to a depth of 400mm below the surface with a scope to go deeper where needed. We have ground stumps from 10cm wide up to 4.2m wide. With our versatility we can compact the machine down to travel through a 900mm wide gate.

Council Laws

Your local council has laws and regulations over the removal of different species and non-native trees, always check before engaging a contractor that you have permission from your local council before works start, many councils enforce fines and seek legal action that can be dragged through the courts. In some cases, the legal costs will be as much or more than the works to remove the tree.